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Recently, I had attended the 2015 Society for Photographic Education National Conference in New Orleans, LS. There I had participated in the curated portfolio walk-through. This portfolio walk-through is very successful in terms of networking and getting your work reviewed by the esteemed members of the photo community. And this year at the conference, they made sure that everyone that participated had the space needed to show their work.

So it was without a surprise that I was able to break out of my shy-little shell and talk to other people about my work. One of those really great persons happend to be Jim Casper, the editor-in-chief of LensCulture. If you're unfamiliar with LensCulture just know this: the site makes your work known to those you find most important while helping you to build a greater sense of community amongst your fellow artist peers.

From their website:

For almost 10 years, LensCulture has become one of the most authoritative resources for contemporary photography. We have been committed to discovering and promoting the best of the global photography community. We look for exciting work from every continent, and from diverse points of view: documentary, fine art, nature, photojournalism, activism, street photography, sports, fashion, poetic, personal, abstract and human. LensCulture International Exposure Awards, now in their fifth year, are granted yearly to discover, reward, and promote talented, new, emerging and established photographers and multimedia creators from around the world.

This Fall, we are launching an expanded LensCulture Network to actively connect photographers, artists, galleries, publishers, schools, agencies, media, festivals, critics, curators, collectors, editors, students — anyone and everyone involved in contemporary photography.

This new platform will enable photographers and arts professionals from around the world to engage with each other, and with the public, to share their own passions, insights and discoveries. We hope you will become an active participant in the LensCulture community!

So I'm very honored to be placed amongst the best and those that I hold in such high esteem. You can check out my profile here and the main LensCulture website here.

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