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Another Me

Growing up as an adopted Korean American, I have sought refuge and identity in traditional Korean folktales.  For this series, I present a series of self-portraits in which I reinterpret the archetypal narratives of traditional Korean folklore as metaphors for my own stories of personal struggle and successive perservence.


This series draws upon the idea of what is real and unreal.  Exhibited works are shown as tri-color gum bichromate prints.  Online viewings are seen here as digital images.


All images were created from 2011-2013.

Fleeting Visions

This body of work is a part of my self-portrait series called, Another Me.  This self-portrait series reveals my desire to regain my lost Korean heritage.  These portraits of “another me” interact with various aspects of Korean culture serving as reminders of what I have lost culturally growing up outside of my birth country.  The photographs are printed on tintypes and housed in a wooden shadow box to reference an age-old feel and the idea of kept memories. 


The imagery becomes a fleeting vision of something that once was, could have been and has yet to be seen…


All tintypes were created between 2011-2012.

The Jacket Series

This series is based on the idea of an imaginary friend and it’s interactive life with another person, me.  It is based on my quiet rural hometown and my desire to create the extraordinary from the mundane.  All the images are styled in a late 1970’s era because I find a fine sense of nostalgia as well as sentimental memories when I recall my home and this time period.  All the images are created digitally and draw upon aesthetic choices of aged yellows, browns, and tans.  These colors play strongly throughout the series, deepening the sense of a place stuck in time. 


The series is exhibited as a framed salon style in outdated wooden frames to reinforce the idea of kept memories.


All images were created in 2012.


This series is set in a larger than life world and conveys the grand adventures you can have in the everyday mundane.  Thumbelina takes viewers on a journey literally through a smaller set of eyes.  Originally inspired by the beloved tale of Thumbelina by Hans Christian Andersen, I decided to create my own variation by throwing in the common vacuum cleaner and an irksome housecat.


Thumbelina was originally created as digital montage but the series is now being released as tri-color gum bichromate prints.


All images were taken in 2011.  All prints were made in 2013.

The Tourist

This project embraces the ideas of excess, indulgence, and ignorance.  Instead of trying to create a disconnection between person and place, I find that a cruise would compliment the kind of character I have created.  She is the typical tourist that thrives so well in ultra-tourist places like this.  She isn't an outsider but one that belongs with the many others like her on this crazy cruise ship.  It is her home away from home.  She does not need to try and be anything else but what she already is.


All images shot on film and taken in 2012.


This series is an exploration on how a relationship can be so distancing from with the significant other.  Inspired by Cindy Sherman's, Untitled Film Stills, this body of work looks from the female perspective and leaves each image with an open narrative.  Viewers can speculate and guess the end result that each image poses but they are never certain of the final ending.  The images begin by revealing this certain woman, mood, and emotion.  But as the series continues the images show her slowly being isolated away into the shadows.

Inbetween Dreams

This latest body of work investigates the fleeting ideas of lucid and obscure dreams and dream-like states of mind.  I'm interested in the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that come out of and from dream states.  Questions like:  Did that happen?  Was that real?  Second guessing and uncertainty drive the overall narrative of this series.


The series is all shot digital and presented as digital inkjet prints.


All images where created from 2014-present day.

Side Effect

Like side effects in programming, my imposter’s syndrome has left me with undesirable feelings in the form of stress and anxiety. My inner dialog tells me that I am not good enough to achieve what I want to achieve. These images represent my moments of incapability, uncertainty, and self-oppression that happen as a result of my imposter’s syndrome.

This series works to normalize and bring awareness to the struggle with imposter's syndrome.

All images were created in 2017.